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Investing in our disinfecting fogging service can protect your interior more effectively.

When you want to be sure that your commercial structure is clean and properly disinfected, you can count on our team at Steam Source to handle the task. We’re a full-service commercial and residential cleaning company, and we’re available to provide a number of services. You can rely on our experienced and uniformed technicians to arrive on time, ready to work. One of the services we offer to clients in and around Winston-Salem, North Carolina is fogging, which is an extremely effective method of disinfection.

Fogging in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The surfaces in any structure tend to have a number of contaminants present. If you take a swab of a doorknob, countertop, or another high-touch surface, you would probably be surprised to see what’s living on that surface. Fogging is a way to efficiently and effectively eliminate the contaminants that are present on every surface, and it’s faster than traditional methods of cleaning because the cleaning products can be distributed right away. Additionally, fogging helps to reach surfaces that are more difficult to access.

Our experienced technicians begin the process by using EPA-registered disinfectants. Next, we’ll utilize a fogging machine that spreads a safe yet effective disinfectant throughout the air. The material will then settle on the surfaces, eliminating contaminants and providing a clean, properly disinfected space. After a short period of time, the product will evaporate naturally, leaving behind clean, dry surfaces. Investing in our disinfecting fogging service can protect your interior more effectively. Contact our team to learn more about this service and request a quote.

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