COVID Cleaning, Winston-Salem, NC

When performing COVID cleaning, we use certain EPA-registered disinfectants.

In our current situation, the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of surfaces and spaces has become even more important. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world, leaving people wondering how to reduce their risk of contracting this illness and maintain their health. The presence of certain types of bacteria and viruses in your home or business can increase your chances of becoming ill, which is why our team at Steam Source offers COVID cleaning services. We want to protect our clients from the risks associated with this virus, so we’ll utilize proven methods to disinfect your living space or workspace.

COVID Cleaning in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Maintaining a clean atmosphere in your home or business is more important than ever these days. Eliminating the contaminants from the space helps to maintain a more sanitary environment, reduce the risk of contracting any illnesses, and creates a more pleasant place to live or work. In order to help you maintain cleanliness in your Winston-Salem, North Carolina space, we utilize heavily sanitized equipment to perform our services, maintain social distancing, and sanitize our hands before and after every cleaning. We also accept digital payments to minimize contact and monitor our employees for health symptoms.

When performing COVID cleaning, we use certain EPA-registered disinfectants. You can feel confident that our services will help you maintain a pristine environment. Whether we’re cleaning your home or business, we’ll help reduce the risk of the structure becoming host to airborne particles, germs, and excess dust. Contact us to schedule a COVID cleaning at your location.

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