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For those of us with allergies, the welcoming weather of spring isn’t always so wonderful. Instead of being able to enjoy the warmer weather, allergy sufferers only remember the months of consistent runny noses, watery eyes, and constant sneezing due to allergens making their way through the air. At Steam Source, we have an option that can aid in your allergy suffering: duct cleaning.

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If you have ever seen pollen particles under the microscope, you know just how much they can resemble something akin to a medieval weapon! Often spherical in shape with sharp points, pollen particles are shaped in such a way that they stick to and adhere to a variety of surfaces. Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, this can also mean that they stick to the interior of your ducts, being circulated and re-circulated throughout your home all through allergy season. In addition to pollen, dirty ducts can also circulate dust, microbes, and other irritants throughout your home.

In order to help yourself through this upcoming allergy season, one of the first things you can have done is a professional duct cleaning. Professionally cleaning absorbent surfaces like couches, carpets, pillows and mattresses can also help immensely to decrease the number of allergens in your home. Some people also find that air purifiers are helpful. Avoid using things like feather dusters when cleaning as they can simply stir dust and particles around rather than rid your home of them.

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