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Vinyl Siding is Not Maintenance Free! Why Siding Pressure Washing is Important


While it is true that you won’t have to worry about painting and other heavy-duty maintenance once you have vinyl siding installed, it is a common misconception that it won’t need any maintenance at all. The reality is that anything that is outdoors is subject to the elements, so it makes sense that your vinyl siding is going to need cleaned each year. The easiest way to get the pollen, grime, possibly algae, bird droppings, and other attacks to your vinyl siding resolved is with professional siding pressure washing.

The important word in that sentence is “professional” because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily damage vinyl siding. Using the wrong angle, wrong cleaning solution, incorrect pressure, wrong equipment, or standing too close can cause damage to your home, the siding, and your landscaping. It can easily prove costlier than having a professional do the siding pressure washing in the first place. Besides, you likely have other surfaces that could use cleaning, too, so you can get your patio, driveway, and more done all at once while you are relaxing and enjoying your day.

Siding pressure washing isn’t just important for aesthetics. Some grime can actually be damaging to the vinyl if left there for months and years. A layer of dust, for example, can be abrasive so rubbing on it or wind against it can slowly work like a mini-sandstorm eroding the protective coating of the siding. Bird droppings can be equally as damaging. Protect your investment with siding pressure washing so you’ll get the full life you expect.

You can count on us at Steam Source to provide quality siding pressure washing that we guarantee will meet your needs. Whether you have vinyl siding that needs cleaned or need pressure washing before painting another type, we are confident you will love the results.

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