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lot of stains in need of pet stain removalOur pets these days are more than just guard dogs or cats for hunting down barn mice- they are our little fur babies! No matter how much we love our pets though, we don’t have to love the pet stains they can leave behind on our carpets or furniture. If you have a pet and are struggling with removing the stains of potty and house training, we have a few pet stain removal tricks that can be helpful for any pet parent out there going through the training process.

First, don’t let the stain sit too long! While there are times when your little buddy might leave a pet stain and you don’t find it until later, pet stain removal methods work best when the pet stains are new. In these cases, a simple dabbing with a cloth and an enzymatic cleaner that you can purchase at the pet store will often do the trick.

Second, try raiding your kitchen for an effective pet stain removal method. By saturating a stain with vinegar, covering the vinegar with a healthy amount of baking soda and then letting the baking soda absorb the vinegar, you can achieve great results once you vacuum up the remaining baking soda.

Finally, know when it’s time to call for backup! Professionals have high-grade cleaners and equipment that can beat most anything available to the average homeowner. If you have a lot of stains in need of pet stain removal, old or new, professional removal by our experts at Steam Source is a great option.

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