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There’s something wonderful about freshly-cleaned windows! Oftentimes we don’t realize just how dirty our windows have become until we go through the window cleaning process. If you like the look of clean windows, but don’t want to spend hours and energy cleaning in ineffective ways, here are a few tips in order to get your window cleaning done like the pros!

  • There is no “best formula” to clean windows- While some people swear by ammonia and a squeegee, others loudly proclaim that a mixture of vinegar, water and newspaper works best. The real answer? Experiment and use what works for you! Vinegar, ammonia, and even hot water and dish soap can all provide comparable results.
  • Clean on cloudy days for best results- Many people think that cleaning windows on a sunny day will be easier because you’ll be able to really see the dirt and grime. However, the sun’s rays will dry your product too quickly, leaving a streaky finished product. If you have trouble determining which side of the glass has a dirty spot, alternate the direction in which you wipe or squeegee from side to side, going horizontal on one side and vertical on the other.
  • Know when you’ve been beat- While there is certainly nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and your windows clean, it’s important to know when your windows have you beat! If there are too many windows or ones that are difficult to reach, there’s nothing wrong with calling professionals to do the job you aren’t able to complete.

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